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Stephen Creager

Dr. Stephen Creager Professor
Analytical Chemistry
Department Chair

Phone: (864) 656-4995 or 656-1043
Office: 371 Hunter Laboratories

Research Interests | Publications

Dr. Creager earned a B.S. degree (1982) in chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Ph.D. degree (1987) in analytical chemistry from the University of North Carolina. He was a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas from 1987-1989. He taught at Indiana University for six years before joining the Clemson University faculty in 1995.

Research Interests

example oneDr. Creager¹s research includes two project groups relating to electrochemical science and technology. In one project group, electrochemical techniques are used to study electron transport across molecular bridges (³wires²) linking redox molecules to electrodes. This work provides insight into how charge moves on the nanoscale and is relevant to the developing field of molecular electronics in which individual molecules serve as active elements in devices such as logic ³circuits,² memory cells and chemical sensors.

In a related project, monolayer coatings are used in an electrochemical amplification method whereby certain redox molecules, usually ferrocene derivatives, may be detected at extremely low concentrations in solution. Bioanalytical assays for DNA and other biomolecules tagged with ferrocene groups are being developed using this method.

example twoAnother project group involves studies of new materials for electro-chemical energy storage devices such as rechargeable lithium ion batteries and proton-exchange-membrane (PEM) fuel cells. Much of this work focuses on proton and lithium transport in the membrane electrolytes used in these devices. The long-range goal of this research is to develop materials that can improve the performance of advanced battery and fuel cell systems.

For further information on the Creager research group, please follow this link to our group web site.



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