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Departmental Seminar Schedule for Fall 2013
** Held in Hunter 100 on Thursdays at 4:00pm. **

29: Annual Department Picnic


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
19 Stephen John Paddison - University of Tennessee Knoxville Multiscale Structure/Function Modeling of Polymer Electrolytes Steve Stuart
26 Leonid Zhigilei - University of Virginia Multiscale (atomistic to mesoscopic) modeling of carbon nanotube materials, Steve Stuart


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
3 John O.Trent - University of Louisville Structure-based Drug Discovery: Oligonucleotides to membrane proteins Dev Arya
10 Pengfei Wang - University of Alabama at Birmingham New Photolabile Protecting Groups and New Glycosylation Method Ya-Ping Sun
17 Tim Warren - Georgetown University Bioinorganic Reactivity of Nitric Oxide at Copper and Zinc Sites Andy Tennyson
23 Lee Brammer - University of Sheffield, UK Chemical reactions and latent porosity in molecular crystals and framework materials Bill Pennington
24 Brian Long - University of Tennessee at Knoxville Development and application of advanced olefin polymerization catalysts Andy Tennyson
31 Jeffrey Anker - Clemson University Chemical sensing through tissue with luminescence probes Karl Dieter


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
7 Mitch Smith - Michigan State University Catalytic C–H Borylation: From Beginnings to Present Andy Tennyson
12 Konrad Seppelt - Free University of Berlin Unusual Cations in Very Strongly Acidic Solutions Joseph Thrasher
14 No Seminar Scheduled    
15 Pierangelo Metrangolo - Polytechnic of Milan From Crystal Engineering to Function Engineering with Halogen Bonding Joseph Thrasher
21 No Seminar Scheduled    




Departmental Seminar Schedule for Spring 2014


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
8 Classes Begin    
16 Anne Gorden - Auburn University Imines as Soft-Donor Ligands for Actinide Selective Extractions, Sensors, and Catalysis Modi Wetzler
23 V. Ramamurthy - University of Miami Chemistry in a Capsule: Manipulating Photochemical Processes Through Confinement and Weak Interactions Ya-Ping Sun
30 Robin Selinger - Kent State University From Topology to Morphology: When Defects Drive Shape Evolution in Soft Matter Dvora Perahia


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
6 Michael Bishop - GlaxoSmithKline Breaking the Rules: Chemical Design for the GI Tract Dev Arya
13   TBA  
20   TBA  
27 Fatima Rivas - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Synthetic studies toward polycyclic natural products Karl Dieter


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
6 Berthold Hoge - Universitat Bielefeld Germany About the Different Reactivity of Perfluoromethyl and Perfluoroethyl Compounds Joseph Thrasher
13 Benjamin Hay - Oak Ridge National Laboratory Structural design principles for self-assembled coordination polygons and polyhedra Modi Wetzler
16-20 ACS Meeting in Dallas, TX    
17-21 Spring Break    
27 Eugenia Kumacheva - University of Toronto TBA Dvora Perahia


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
3 Dr. Vahid Majidi - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters Amerithrax: pioneering science for next generation of forensic techniques Ken Marcus
10 Dr. Carl Willis - Kraton LLC Kraton Polymers: Tennis Shoes to Nexar™ Membranes Dvora Perahia
17 Lester S. Andrews - University of Virginia Uranium Bearing Molecules with a Few Lighter Metal Reaction Products Thrown in to Balance the Periodic Table Joseph Thrasher
24 Sergei Savikhin - Purdue University Catching sunlight: Visualizing dynamics and pathway of energy flow in Photosystem I George Chumanov


These seminars are open to anyone interested and will be held in the Hunter Laboratories Auditorium Room 100 on Thursdays at 4:00pm.. For any further information, please contact George Chumanov ( or telephone (864) 656-2339.


Student Seminar Schedule For Fall 2013

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH851 (section 2) Analytical/Physical Student Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
September 17 Ben Manard TBA
September 24 Zhengxin Wang TBA
October 22 Zhixin Chen TBA
November 19 Sidath Wijesinghe TBA

Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH 851 Organic-Inorganic Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
September 27 McKenzie Campbell (Literature) The Not-So Total Synthesis of Hexacyclinol
October 4 Sara Comer (Literature) Piezoelectric Materials for High Temperature Applications
October 18 Michael Skriba (Literature) On the Origin of a Prebiotically-Plausible Synthesis of Ribonucleotides as it Pertains to the RNA World Hypothesis
November 1 Yi Jin (Proposal) Synthesis and in vitro Antibacterial Activity of Dicationic Compounds
November 8 Changjun Gong (Proposal) Synthesis and Study of Neomycin peptides, thiazole orange conjugates
November 22 Liuwei Jiang (Proposal) Synthesis of Peptidic Aminoglycosides


Student Seminar Schedule For Spring 2014

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH851 (section 2) Analytical/Physical Student Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
February 11 Yifei Jiang (Literature) Glassy Behavior of Protein
March 25 Jack Hu TBA
April 8 Marissa Pierson (Literature) Aptamers
April 15 Unaiza Unzair (Literature) TBA
April 22 Chuck Voyton (Literature) Detection of GMOs: Existing Techniques Vs. Emerging Technologies

Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH 851 Organic-Inorganic Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
January 24 Chen Liu (Literature) Cucurbituril Family: New Developing “Hosts” in Supramolecular Chemistry
January 31 Cameron Parrish (Literature) TBA
February 7 Craig Goodman (Literature) TBA
February 14 Changjun Gong (Literature) TBA
February 21 Erik Davis (Literature) TBA
February 28 Matthew Zimmerman (Final) TBA
April 11 Rylan Terry (Proposal) TBA
April 18 Daniel Hercules (Proposal) TBA


Proposal Seminars
Date, Seminar Speaker

Dates reserved for candidate final serminar
Date, Seminar Speaker:

The Physical/Analytical seminars are held on Tuesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Hunter 100.

The Inorganic/Organic seminars are held on Fridays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in
Hunter 100.

Attendance of all graduate students is required.


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